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Multi Terminal

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Glass-to-metal seals applied products have high airtightness and excellent electrical properties, thereby they are being applied and used for aerospace parts and vehicle sensors and other various fields that require high vacuum and high reliability.


Aerospace part ㅣ Automotive partㅣ High-vacuum part ㅣ Medical device part ㅣ Military connector
Battery Terminal ㅣ Electronic and ㅣ Photonic Packages ㅣ Sensor housings

Technical Data

1. Airtightness: 1 × 10-9 cc/ses or less (Helium Gas 3 atmosphere)
2. Insulation resistance: 2,000㏁or higher at DC 500 V
3. Withstanding voltage: It shall withstand at AC 1,800 V for 2 seconds.
4. Operating temperature: -55℃ ~ +175℃
5. Protective film coating: NI Plating 3 μm or thicker
6. Housing: Mild steel, stainless, Hastelloy, and other metals
7. Glass: Alkali barium glass
8. Terminal : Ni 52 Alloy, Sus446

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