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Safety Sight Glass

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It is manufactured by putting the glass in a metal housing and melting and attaching the glass at high temperature. A chemical bond is slowly formed between the glass and the metal oxide at high temperature, and liquefied glass is solidified as it cools down. The stronger chemical bond is formed during this process because of the difference of the expansion coefficient between the metal and the glass.


Flow Indicator ㅣ Level Indicator ㅣ Circular Sight ports
Light Fittings ㅣ Vessel Clamps

Technical Data

1. Metal Ring: Mild Steel, Hastelloy & others
2. Glass: Borosilicate or Soda Lime Glass
3. Operating Pressure: Up to 1000 Bar depending on material & design
4. Operating Temperature: -30°C to 300°C depending on material
5. Metal housing: Stainless, Hastelloy, and other metals
6. Glass: Borosilicate glass or soda lime glass
7. Applied pressure: Up to 1,000 bar depending on materials and designs
8. Applied temperature: -30°C – 300°C
9. There shall be no abnormalities at 2 kgf/cm² of hydraulic pressure.
10. There shall be no leak after conducting a leak test at 32 kgf/cm² of N2 gas pressure.
11. It shall withstand Flon refrigerant and refrigerating machine oil.
12. Measure the size of O-ring based on the intermediate depth (1 mm).
13. Operating temperature: -40℃ – 100℃
14. Glass and base metal shall be welded.


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